System Development

At any process of any industry, the labor-saving is the urgent task in Japan that faces labor crunch.

We can design and develop systems with the full stack of IT technologies as below to replace and upgrade your current processes that might be depending on the availability of human resources.

  • Linux, Windows / iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc.
  • Java (J2EE, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Maven, JUnit, Log4),
    C, C#(.Net), C++, PHP, Ruby (Ruby on Rails), Python, JavaScript, etc.
  • MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Cassandra, Apache Tomcat, etc.
  • HTML, JSON, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Ajax, Comet, WebSocket, etc.
  • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, EC Cube, Salesforce, etc.


Mobile Application Development

We thrive in understanding the unique and specific requirements of mobile customers and stakeholders of enterprises in various industries and propose relevant Mobile App designs and functionalities across multiple platforms.

Big Data Analysis

Through cutting-edge data analysis technology and approach, we have been steadily exceeding customer expectations. We will contribute not only to innovate your marketing approach but also to the innovation of many industries such as manufacturing and distribution.

IoT – ID Gate

We will not only customize our own IoT platform, but also provide various services including setting up various available platforms on the market, integration with sensors, control devices, and data analysis work, and be contributing to the innovation of existing business of customers.

We also approaching the latent demand for innovation of users with our ID Gate that finely controls the shutter of parking gate with RFID tags and our latest IT technology.

App Service –

We promote Applova® that is the state-of-the-art Mobile App to enable customers of restaurants to select, order, and settle in advance. This App will contribute any restaurant to serve its customers including first-time foreign customers with multilingual menus with much less stress.

Multilingualization of Website and App –

We believe any valuable services and contents for domestic market has potential to be valuable also globally if it goes beyond the language barrier.

We focus on developing and converting the website and Apps to the multilingual ones by utilizing high-end web development, graphic processing and translation of various languages with very low cost.